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MagMIMO: MIT’s new long-range wireless charging tech that works like WiFi | ExtremeTech

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The Doppler Shift

The Doppler effect explains why objects moving towards us or away from us at high speed appear to have their colors shifted either towards blue or red respectively.

When an object moves towards us, the crests of the light waves we see from it are compressed together, making the wavelength of the light shorter (and hence bluer), while for an object moving away the separation between crests is stretched, making the light’s wavelength longer (and hence redder). In the simulation above, the monochromatic source of light, as it moves right, would appear blue to an observer on the right-hand side, and red to an observer on the left.

Scientists use spectroscopy — a technique that breaks light up into its component wavelengths — to study the vicinity of supermassive black holes. As matter spins around the black hole, the Doppler effect kicks in, this means that one side appears slightly redder, and the other slightly bluer than it really is. Note that the effect is exaggerated in this computer simulation, which depicts the vicinity of the black hole in the galaxy Messier 87 — one of the first to be studied by Hubble.

Credit: ESA/Hubble (L. Calçada)

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What Does Earth Look Like?


Japan is just a symptom of Xbox' problems


Tonight’s comic wants to know one good reason it should spare you.

Sluggy Freelance reference, I think.



Ulysses bobbing up and down, day in, day out, for over 30 years.
Keet blowing endless bubbles in a corner against the wall.
An unnamed orca beaches itself over and over again.
Kalia beaches herself and violently thrashes, repeatedly.
Orcas bob motionlessly at the surface of the water.
And sad, abused Morgan, chews on the walls of her tank and breaks her teeth.

These are all blatant examples of stereotypy behavior in orcas.

"[Stereotypy] are repetitive behaviors in captive animals, particularly those given inadequate mental stimulation. These behaviors may be maladaptive, involving self-injury or reduced reproductive success, and in laboratory animals can confound behavioral research”

Circus tricks are not natural ‘behaviors’, and stereotypy behavior is unhealthy. But these are the real behaviors captive orcas express. Are they healthy? 

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Extra Credits - MMO Economies - How to Manage Inflation in Virtual Economies




ap sex ed.

because public school sex ed sucks.

Oh my gosh amazing, accurate, GENDER NEUTRAL graphics?! I’ve died and gone to sex educator heaven. (The only thing better would be the inclusion of Intersex genitalia)

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Monster neutrino solves cosmic-ray mystery - space - 01 October 2014 - New Scientist

The Gem Room



*That red stuff is what people still think economic reality is and the gray stuff is the actual reality.  Americans, not even in the contest





Waterspout in Tampa, Fl, USA

Welcome to Florida

The fuck?

My hometown

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